Marketo, hubspot, eloqua

3 Go-To-Market Strategy Examples (Hubspot, Marketo and Eloqua)

Differentiate from competitors: in a crowded market Scalable go to market machine

3 Principles

  • ICP & market segmentation
  • Manifesto
    • different messaging
    • very different strategic message
    • (makes a difference in their marketing, how they position themselves)
SMB - $MID - $$ (Vista took over marketo)Enterprise - $$$ (Acquired by oracle)
Manifesto• MESSAGE - Do Inbound - “Let them come to you”. worked well in the smb space. Further solidified their segmentation in the market. They wrote a book on that, conference, made it a religionMESSAGE - “Seat at the revenue table”
  • Hey you’re a marketer, spending on marketing, but you’re not at the revenue table
  • You’re not able to say what this money is yielding
  • You need to be able to say - hey this is how much revenue and pipeline we yielded
  • And thats why you need a marketing automation platform | - How do you run multiple campaigns
  • orchestrating demand Upleveling on exactly the same features, but speaking in a different way to sell to enterprise | | | • People find you and come inbound to you • Then you can nurture them, • through an email sequence • through a marketing automation • And drive sales • That’s what marketing did and sales would close the deals | Marketo to VP Marketing: We’ll tell you how much pipeline you generated, what you gave to sales, how you nurtured them THEN, you can sit at the revenue table and say give me more budget | | | | | It was still
  • Nurture Sequences
  • Lead Generation Forms
  • Website Features were the same, but their narrative and their manifesto was different and spoke to their market segment and attracted them in a wildly different way

| | | UPLEVEL | Hubspot started upleveling as well, into mid market and enterprise (After marketo upleveled) | After eloqua was acquires, and went to super enterprise segment, marketo moved into enterprise segment

UPLEVELED ICP, messaging went from marketing automation to engagement, | | | | From sales driven + self service model TO PLG / hybrid model | Now that they’re a part of Adobe, they are moving to enterprise where adobe primarily sells | | | | | Active campaign/ Pardot can take over mid market | |

  • Even though the Principles of Go to market is the same, depending on how you want to play, and take part in the chess board, what moves you want to make, how you want to differentiate and win, you can have wildly different go to market strategies

  • When you are intentional about that, you are able to win

  • Saas is big enough that EVERYONE is able to win

  • Differentiate from competitors in a crowded market

  • Build a scalable go-to-market machine

  • Ask detailed questions during the next interview

  • Uplevel the messaging and marketing strategy

  • Determine the target market and segment the market

  • Create a manifesto with different messaging and a strategic message

  • Solidify segmentation in the market

  • Run multiple campaigns and orchestrate demand

  • Attract customers through inbound marketing and nurture them

  • Measure pipeline generation and revenue contribution

  • Move into the mid-market and enterprise segments

  • Shift from a sales-driven model to a product-led growth (PLG) or hybrid model

  • Consider Active Campaign or Pardot for the mid-market segment

  • Intentionally differentiate and win in the market